Nrityantharanga Reports

Nrityaantharanga – 3

Nrityaantharanga-3 : by Vidwan Deepak Kumar As a part of 3rd series Director Vidwan Deepak Kumar himself gave the performance. Various dance numbers including Nritta and abhinaya sections were performed. Smt. Manorama, a researcher, editor of Dance Magazine and critic compered the event also gave some important guidelines on various books of Bharatanatyam.  

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Nrityaantharanga – 2

Nrityaantharanga-2: By Kumari Susmitha, Prajna and Prithwi M.R. The second of the series was presented by Kum. Susmitha, Prajna.M.R. and Prithwi.M.R. These were 3 young budding artistes of the Academy who gave their solo performance for the first time. Guru Vidwan Deepak Kumar and Vidushi Preetikala supported on the orchestra. Smt. Ashwini Rakesh inaugurated the […]

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Nrityaantharanga – 1

Nrityaantharanga-1(Mathe):By Vidushi Tejaswini. B Vidushi Tejaswini.B., who is a very talented artiste of the Academy and a national level acclaimed artiste, gave the first performance of the Nrityaantharanga series. She performed 3 items exclusively on 3 forms of mother Goddess i.e., Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi who are the deities of Wealth, Knowledge and Power respectively. […]

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