Main Branch, Puttur:

SMCA has many branches in various parts of South Kanara District. Having its main branch in Puttur at Darbe where it has its Dance cum Music classes and various sections related to its activities. The main branch is located very near to Darbe Circle and the classes are very easy to locate. The class is located near to the main road and the visitors and students are available with autorikshaw facilities. In Puttur main branch dance classes are conducted every Friday evenings at 4.30pm and Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Even Music classes also commence at the same time, i.e., Friday at 4.30pm and Saturday 4.45pm.


Sudana School, Manjalpadpu Branch:

other than main branch in Darbe, SMCA has one more branch in Manjalpadpu in Sudana Residential School every Thursday evening at 4.30pm where Bharathanatyam is being taught.


Mangalore Branch:

SMCA has conducts Dance classes in Mangalore at Sri Krishna Mandir, V.T.Road every Tuesdays at 4pm and Classical Music at 5pm. This branch is very near to Temple Square of Carstreet and very accessible for students to come.


B.C.Road Branch:

Another dance teaching centre in B.C.Road at Sri Raktheshwari Temple near main Junction of B.C.Road on every Wednesday evenings at 4.30pm. This branch is at the very centre of the town and easily accessible.


Nelyadi and Kokkada Branch:

SMCA also has its branches in rural places like Nelyadi and Kokkada. In Nelyadi both Dance and Music classes are conducted on every Sundays afternoon at 1pm in Nelyadi Co-operative Society Hall which is located very near to Nelyadi town. Similarly in Kokkada every Sunday mornings Dance classes are conducted at 10am in Ganesh English Primary School, near to Kokkada Junction.


Mani Branch:

Mani is one very old branch of SMCA which is running successfully from 1993 June for the past 23years and recently music classes are also conducted due to the high demand from the parents. The classes in Mani is held every sunday mornings. Karnatic music class will start from 8.45am and the dance classes from 9.30 am. the classes are held in Govt. Higher Primary School which is located in the centre point, right in front of Mani Junction and the bus stops for various routes is nearly located.


Other than these Own Branches:

SMCA also takes classes in Tenkila, Puttur at Vivekananda Kannada Medium School on every Saturday afternoon where the students of Vivekananda Group of schools are learning in the school premises.

It is to be noted that almost all of these branches are located in the main junctions of the areas where there are frequent rickshaw and bus facilities available for the convenience of the students and visitors.


However, in addition to the above classes, persons those who are interested to take extra classes for individual attention, for extra training for a performance or any other occasions are having classes on regular enquiry. For those who want separate classes on regular basis also can have by getting prior appointment.